Cocktail Update

Zamora Co brings Licor 43 US distribution in-house

Zamora Company has mutually agreed to end its US import deal with W Deutsch Family Wines, bringing distribution of its Licor 43 brand across the region in-house

Plantation Rum launches preservation initiative

Plantation Rum has outlined plans for its new centre dedicated to the research and preservation of rum, as well as unveiling a new limited edition expression

Whisk(e)y summit to address ‘long-term damage’ of trade wars

Eight leading whisk(e)y associations will meet in Kentucky next week for a “historic” summit to discuss ongoing trade wars with the US, warning the “potential for long-term damage is real”

Jameson looks to ‘go beyond’ Irish whiskey

Jameson is seeking to transcend the Irish whiskey category and become one of the world’s top 10 spirits brands, Irish Distillers’ new chairman and CEO has said

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