Portuguese bartender wins 21st Golden Cup

21st December, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

Jose Guerreiro from the Associação Barmen de Portugal has taken the top prize in the 2016 Golden Cup International Cocktail Competition, held each year in Taiwan, writes International Bartenders Association (IBA) president Ron Busman.

Champion Jose Guerreiro with Ron Busman and runner up Kristo Tomingas

Champion Jose Guerreiro with Ron Busman and runner up Kristo Tomingas

The Golden Cup International Cocktail Competition was established 22 years ago and is the biggest international cocktail competition in Taiwan. Over 1,000 competitors travel to to Kaohsiung from cities across the country to compete every year.

The 2016 Golden Cup International Cocktail Competition was hosted by Bartender Association Taiwan (BAT) and Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government from 3-4 December at Kaohsiung Taiwan. There was a total of 1,122 competitors competing across 13 categories during this year’s competition.

BAT also joined the IBA 22 years ago. IBA is a big supporter of the Golden Cup, which is open to all the IBA Members all around the world. BAT also invites all IBA boards and guild presidents to attend as international judges.

I judged this year’s competition, alongside IBA vice president, southern hemisphere, Alex Beaumont; IBA vice president, Europe, Pepe Dioni, and other guild presidents and vice presidents.


21st Golden Cup International Competition Results

International Classic Competition

Champion: Jose Guerreiro (PBA / Portugal)

1st Runner up: Kristo Tomingas (EBA / Estonia)

2nd Runner up: Olegs Hindogins (LBF / Latvia)

Eagle Reward: (for Tasting, Technique, and Speech Points respectively)

Miss Ya-Chi Chen (BAT / Taiwan)

Mr. Chan Chi Ki, Joe ( HKBA / Hong Kong)

Mr. Salvatore Maggio ( SBG / Sweden)

Prestige Reward: ( Technique Points)

Mr. Alerto Benedicto ( FABE / Spain)

Mr. Ozgur Ayata (TBD / Turkey)

Mr. Kwang Song Choe (ABSS / Singapore)

International Flair Competition:

Champion: Mr Ming-Yi, Lin (BAT / Taiwan)

1st Runner Up: Mr. Jonathan Villarma Jr. ( UBCM / Macau)

2nd Runner Up: Mr Roger Docurt ( SBG / Switzerland)

Best Flair Cocktail Award: Mr. Tiago Jorge ( PBA / Portugal)

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