Scarfes Bar unveils caricature cocktail menu

10th April, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Scarfes Bar at Rosewood London has unveiled a new cocktail menu, inspired by Gerald Scarfe’s iconic British caricatures, from Monty Python to Margaret Thatcher.

Parrot’s Cure features on the Caricature menu, which takes inspiration from Monty Python

Developed by bar manager Martin Siska, head bartender Greg Almeida and the bar team, the 15-strong Caricature menu takes inspiration from Gerald Scarfe’s artwork, which adorns the marble walls of the venue.

The renowned British artist and caricaturist lent his name to Scarfes Bar, which he transformed into a living canvas described as “my personal art gallery, where you can see my life on these walls”.

The bar team spent eight month researching and developing the drinks to bring Scarfe’s most recognisable sketches to life in liquid format.

Each serve on the menu incorporates an element inspired by a characteristic quirk or familiar association with its subject.

The new serves include the “light-hearted and refreshing” Parrot’s Cure, taking inspiration from Monty Python, a Martini serve named the Orbis non Sufficit embodying fictional British agent James Bond and A Bird in the Hand, personifying British film director Alfred Hitchcock.

A Harry Potter-themed cocktail, served in a potion bottle, encourages fans to relive the magic with a Polyjuice Potion, and literary lovers can enjoy the “smooth, oaty notes” of Just One More, depicting Charles Dicken’s character Oliver Twist.

Rock and Roll enthusiasts can enjoy a Start Me Up conveying The Rolling Stones or You Say You Want A Revolution, inspired by The Beatles.

Click through the following pages to discover a selection of cocktails on Scarfes Bar’s new menu, and their accompanying caricatures.

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