Old Fashioned and Moscow Mule top US menus

5th January, 2017 by Kristiane Sherry

New data from IWSR has found that Bourbon- or rye-based Old Fashioneds and vodka-based Moscow Mules accounted for 30% of all US cocktail menu mentions in 2016.


The Old Fashioned serve topped US cocktail menus in 2016 alongside the Moscow Mule

According to IWSR US On-Premise Insights: Cocktail Trends, which analysed cocktails, categories and brands in 25 US cities, whisk(e)y cocktails accounted for 23% of craft bar menus.

Rum-based cocktails ranked second with a 16% share, closely followed by gin at 15%.

Old Fashioneds were particularly prevalent in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Portland, with variations of the serve spanning barrel-aged, sherried and vinegar, with flavoured options including walnut, chocolate, fig, ginger and cherry.

According to the data, consumer interest in the Old Fashioned increases around key holiday dates, and has risen in line with the growth of on-premise US whiskey consumption.

Distilled spirits is the only alcohol segment forecast to increase its on-premise share over the next five years, says the IWSR. Spirits are projected to post 0.6% gains by 2021 with the total share reaching 23.5%. This compares to expected wine and beer contractions of around 1%.

According to IWSR data, key global drinks trends in 2016 included health consciousness and the development of cross-category hybrid products.

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