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SB Voices: Has ‘ginnovation’ gone too far?

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

From gin-flavoured yoghurts to gin-infused soap, the category is stirring up fevor outside of its traditional bar setting. Annie Hayes has her doubts about such so-called ‘ginnovations’

SB Voices: Premiumising waste

Friday, August 25th, 2017

In the hospitality industry, luxury once stood for opulence: old and rare spirits, fine cuts of meat and crystal glassware. But in 2017 food waste – or rather, lack of it – is a sign of excellence, writes Annie Hayes

SB Voices: More than millennials

Friday, July 28th, 2017

While it’s true that defining a target audience is imperative to any brand’s marketing strategy, pigeon-holing consumers through generational categorisation is a redundant practice in 2017, writes Annie Hayes

SB Voices: The power of claiming the classic cocktail

Friday, June 16th, 2017

As Patrón Tequila is revealed as the Supreme Brand Champion 2017, Annie Hayes recapitulates the importance of spirits brands owning their category’s most conspicuous cocktail serves

SB Voices: 24 hours in Södermalm, Stockholm

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Fresh from a fleeting trip to Sweden’s capital city, Annie Hayes picks out three bustling bars in Stockholm’s most creative neighbourhood that are worth splashing your cash in

SB Voices: Bringing kitchen tech behind the bar

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

In this week’s opinion piece, Annie Hayes admires how some of the world’s most influential bars are harnessing cutting-edge techniques to create flavourful cocktail ingredients

SB Voices: Minimalist cocktail menus

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Inspired by Tony Conigliaro’s new Dalston-based bar, Annie Hayes touches on the emotional power of minimalism in cocktail creation

Brand wagon: The rise of bartender-owned spirits

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Who knows better than bartenders about what makes a quality drinks ingredient? It makes sense that they should create their own brands, but, as SB discovers, there are many pitfalls to avoid

The benefits of guest bartending

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Taking part in guest slots at overseas bars is an excellent way for bartenders to explore new cultures and hone their skill set. The Spirits Business speaks to people who have benefitted from a career well-travelled

Madame St-Germain: ‘Hospitality is DNA of our industry’

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Think being a brand ambassador is a piece of cake? Think again. St-Germain’s acclaimed Camille Ralph Vidal tells SB about the amount of passion and dedication it takes to get to the top

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