Top 10 creative cask-finished spirits

24th March, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

Dictador Two Masters Royal Tokaji

Since its launch in 2017, the Two Masters series from Colombian rum producer Dictador has seen the brand premiere a host of innovative cask-finished rums.

Last year, the producer partnered with Hungarian wine maker Royal Tokaji for its latest release, Dictador Two Masters Royal Tokaji. The expression comprises a 40-year-old rum from 1977, which has undergone additional maturation in the cellars of the Royal Tokaji Wine Company in Hungary.

The new rum saw Dictador master blender Hernan Parra collaborate with Royal Tokaji master blender Zoltán Kovács as 10 barrels from the wine maker were filled with Dictador rum for a seven-month finishing process. The additional maturation imparted aromas of tropical fruits and honey, as well as flavours of Madagascan vanilla, honey and chocolate.

Just 475 bottles of Dictador Two Masters Royal Tokaji were released, each priced at £670 (US$860).

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