Copper & Kings adds barrel-finished absinthe to range

26th June, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Kentucky-based brandy maker Copper & Kings has redesigned the packaging for its absinthe line at the same time as adding a barrel-finished expression to its permanent range.

Copper & Kings absinthe line is packaged in “antique” green bottles

The distillery will also serve a rotating, bottle-your-own barrel-aged variant available for purchase by distillery visitors.

The Louisville-based company has launched a barrel-finished variant of its Absinthe Alembic Blanche, which has been bottled at 65% abv.

It follows the launch of Zmaj, a limited edition absinthe aged in juniper wood barrels.

The new design for the absinthe range features an “antique” green bottle to give it a “compelling and very visible” shelf presence.

“We wanted to give a fresh, cohesive bottle projection with our other botanical spirits, and flag the exclusively double-distilled alembic copper pot-distillation process without the use of re-distilled grain neutral spirits,” said Copper & Kings founder Joe Heron.

Master distiller Brandon O’Daniel, said: “Copper pot distillation is a perfect vehicle for making intense, highly aromatic absinthe, and the double-distilled brandy base coupled with non-chill filtration leaves a heady, leggy, viscous spirit.

“Our batch proof ceiling is +/-135 Proof – so water dilution is minimal – just enough to slightly bloom and leave the pure essence of the fruit and botanicals.”

Copper & Kings Barrel Finished Absinthe Alembic is priced at US$55 for 750ml.

Last month, Copper & Kings launched a juniper-forward variant of its American Dry Gin brand.

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