Top seven best-selling global gin brands

11th July, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

7. Hendrick’s

2017: 1.1m
2016: 0.9m
% change: 13.3%
Place last year: New entry

This year’s Gin Brand Champion, Hendrick’s, entered the million-case realms for the first time in 2017, reaching 1.1m cases.

“We sometimes joke that Hendrick’s has been a 20­-year overnight success,” Pamela Selby, global brand director for Hendrick’s Gin, told The Spirits Business. “We went against the grain by launching a gin that completely broke all the rules of what a gin should be, and our distillation process was genuinely groundbreaking.”

Last year, Hendrick’s ramped up its quirky marketing activations – which included a travelling cucumber slicer device and a musical instrument made with cucumbers – and hosted a series of events to celebrate World Cucumber Day.

The brand also launched its first brand extension in 2017, a “quininated” gin called Orbium.

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