Bag-in-a-box ultra-premium vodka debuts in US

25th June, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Ultra-premium vodka brand RWB is hoping to revolutionise the category with its latest innovation – bag-in-a-box vodka.


Big Box Vodka is said to be “of the first” ultra-premium vodkas presented in a box

The Aristocrat Group Corp unveiled the new offering, called Big Box Vodka, as one the first ultra-premium expressions to be packaged in a box.

The “handcrafted” spirit is made using Idaho Winter Wheat and pure Rocky Mountain water in a four-column distillation process.

Scheduled to be debuted in select retail outlets in California, Nevada, Florida, Louisiana and Texas this summer, Big Box Vodka is presented in a 1.75 litre box and has an abv of 40%.

“Our intention with this product is to create an entirely new segment in the beverage alcohol industry,” said ASCC CEO Robert Federowicz. “Big Box Vodka is the vodka that goes where other ultra-premium vodkas can’t, from the beach to the yacht.

“Or you can pour yourself a shot without ever taking Big Box Vodka out of your freezer.

“Big Box Vodka is the first ultra-premium vodka brand that has been engineered for maximum convenience and portability.

“The packaging alone makes the new brand totally distinct from any other in the alcoholic beverages sector.”

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