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Approval for Four Roses $55m distillery expansion

Four Roses could be set to embark on a US$55 million expansion of its distillery and warehouses after plans were approved by Kentucky authorities this week

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Award honours retiring Tanqueray master distiller

Tanqueray master distiller Tom Nichol has been honoured with The Gin Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award as he announces his retirement this summer

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Bartender convicted for patron’s 56 shot death

A French bartender has been convicted of manslaughter for serving a man 56 shots during a drinking contest which led to his death the following day

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Glenlivet replaces ages with new NAS range in TR

The Glenlivet is replacing its 12, 15 and 18-year-old bottlings with a new “core” NAS collection in global travel retail – an extension of its Master Distiller’s Reserve expression

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Middle-aged Britons riskier drinkers than teens

Middle-aged men and women are regularly drinking above the “higher risk” limits according to a new study, revealing them as Britain’s “hidden drinkers”

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Three men jailed for stealing 123 cases of whisky

Three warehouse workers who stole 123 cases of whisky worth more than £10,000 from their employers have been jailed for five months

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Controversial lock-outs see Sydney violence drop

New laws at pubs and clubs have led to a 39% reduction in violent alcohol-fuelled incidents in Sydney

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Cocktail demand fends off ‘inevitable’ gin fallout

Global cocktail culture is continuing to drive gin sales onwards and upwards, so just when will the industry see its anticipated ‘fallout’?

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Reusable pen can use alcohol instead of ink

A designer in Oregon has created a refillable pen that can use any liquid with a staining property, such as dark spirits, instead of ink

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F1 boss will not ban alcohol sponsorship

The president of Formula One has said that a ban on alcohol sponsorship in the sport is “not possible” and that it is the duty of drinks groups to promote responsible consumption

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