Top 10 best-selling world whisk(e)y brands

26th June, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

1. Jack Daniel’s

2017: 12.9m
2016: 12.5m
% change: 3.6%
Place last year: 1

Despite growth for many other world whisk(e)y brands, Brown-Forman-owned Jack Daniel’s remains the best-selling brand in the sector.

After sales rose by 3.6% in 2017, the Jack Daniel’s family posted figures of 12.9m cases – and this doesn’t include sales of the brand’s Tennessee Honey expression, which posted solid growth of 8.9%.

In the past year, the Tennessee whiskey has unveiled a number of innovative new expressions, including a cask strength and rye bottling.

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  1. Martin Duffy says:

    Did Johnnie Walker fall out of the top 10?

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