The top 10 fastest growing spirits brands

24th July, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Aguardiente Antioqueño

2016: 3.57m

2015: 2.49m

% change: 43.71%

Within the regional specialities category, Aguardiente Antioqueño saw the fastest growth in 2017, up by a phenomenal 43.71% last year. Owner Fábrica de Alcoholes y Licores de Antioquia shared its results with The Spirits Business for the first time this year. This particular Aguardiente –  a sugar cane spirit made in a similar fashion to rum – boasts flavours of black liquorice, peppercorn, and vanilla. While Antioqueno is the best-selling Aguardiente in Colombia, it is yet to repeat its glory days of 2012, when the brand boasted 4.37m cases.

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