The top 10 fastest growing spirits brands

24th July, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Indian whisky and vodka were among the speediest spirits to achieve impressive growth in 2016, but which brands experienced the most rapid success?

We reveal the world’s top 10 fastest growing spirits brands

After being well and truly buffeted by geopolitical and economic headwinds in 2015, vodka has made a remarkable recovery, with the category representing four out of the top 10 fastest growing brands that have sold more than one million cases in the world today.

And while it’s not unusual for new names to grow quickly from a small base, both Ladoga’s Imperial Collection and Heaven Hill’s Deep Eddy possess striking brand power to triumph in Russia and the US respectively – two markets both crowded and challenging in very different ways.

Credit must be given too to the Indian whisky contingent. With Bangalore Malt Whisky topping the tree with emphatic 87.36% growth and Radico Khaitan’s 8PM not far behind, to see a sector that has faced both demonetisation and prohibition flourishing should provide a boost to all.

Click through the following pages to discover the world’s top 10 fastest growing spirits brands, listed in order of rising percentage.

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