Top 10 spirit launches of 2012

2nd January, 2013 by Becky Paskin

From flavoured vodka to extra-aged whisky and Cognac, what were the most notable spirit launches of 2012?

Top 10 2012 Spirit launches

Our pick of the Top 10 spirit launches in 2012

There have been some interesting developments in the global spirits industry over the past 12 months. We’ve seen Pernod Ricard launch a wacky range of vodkas with a quirky character as its figurehead; Malibu infused with Tequila; and a hoard of celebrities lining up to endorse nearly every new spirit launch this year.

It’s been tough choosing just 10 spirits to list as our top launches of 2012, but we’ve whittled it down to the ones we feel have made wither a notable difference in their field, or are innovative enough to forge a trend in the coming year.

Disagree with our choices? Think we’ve missed one? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hmm… Kind’a strange, the sums of most expensive whiskies sold in the auction, are much more higher than here. For example, if You’ve read “Whisky Opus” by Gavin D. Smith & Dominic Roskrow, book was published in 2012, you will see there much more higher sums… A bit disappointing, you know… 🙁

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