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Saber Elyzia: pick of the crop

Made by Alexandrion Group using a top secret recipe, Saber Elyzia Premium liqueurs add fresh fruit to every bottle

Kreskova creates memorable moments

After expanding its international availability, Kreskova Vodka is showcasing its design, flavour and ability to transform any meeting into a party

No.3 Gin: the key to success

Drawing together the perfect balance of juniper, citrus and spice, No.3 Gin makes for the most refreshing G&T, clean, crisp Martini or distinctive Negroni

Alexandrion Group: global outlook

Romania’s Alexandrion Group has enjoyed success at home and overseas, with its products being popular in more than 40 countries. Here, we look at the history of the brand and how it plans for further success in the future

Frapin unveils 1270 Cognac

April 25th, 2018

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