Chapel Gate calls for transparency in blended whisk(e)y

Louise McGuane, founder of Ireland's first modern whiskey bonder, The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company, has called for the EU to amend laws stating what information can be printed on blended whisk(e)y labels

Diageo increases on-demand alcohol offering

Diageo has partnered with home delivery service UberEats in the hope of growing alcohol retail sales across the UK

Seedlip hires ex-Belvedere head for portfolio expansion

Seedlip has recruited Belvedere Vodka's former head of spirit creation, Claire Smith-Warner, as it prepares to expand its portfolio of non-alcoholic spirits

Dunnet Bay Distillers hopes to return wild juniper to the area

Dunnet Bay Distillers has partnered with local conservationists to replenish stocks of wild juniper at Dunnet Head in Scotland

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