Top 10 award-winning hard seltzers

10th June, 2021 by Kate Malczewski

Surfers Mint & Lime

Surfers Hard Seltzer

Price: £1.69 (US$2.40) per 250ml can

In the Spirit-Based Hard Seltzer category, Dutch producer De Kuyper Royal Distillers made waves with Surfers Mint & Lime, earning a Master award.

Panellists found the two flavours to be “a nice refreshing combination”; Smith noted that it delivered a “good balance of flavours” with “lovely freshness from the mint”.

The hard seltzer sits at 3.5% ABV. With 49 calories, it contains no added sugar.

De Kuyper has also tapped into the RTD trend with its Fizzy Favourites range, launched last autumn.

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