Top 50 innovative spirits launches of 2020: 30-21

25th January, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

21. Belvedere Heritage 176


Malted rye spirit drink Belvedere Heritage 176 aims to challenge neutrality in vodka. Made using Polska rye, Heritage 176 is a blend of 98% vodka and 2% rye. Due to European law, Heritage 176 cannot be called ‘vodka’ because the malted rye spirit was distilled to 92% rather than the required 96% for vodka.

The product celebrates the technique of malting rye that was widely used by Polish rye vodka makers until the 1890s.

The brand’s master rye distillers experimented with different levels of malted rye in the final spirit and concluded that 2% delivered the ‘most complex flavour profile’.

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