Top 50 innovative new spirits of 2018: 10-1

23rd January, 2019 by Melita Kiely

1. Discarded

Sustainability, coffee, low­-abv and vermouth are all key trends in the spirits world right now – and tapping into each and every one of them is Discarded vermouth, a truly deserving recipient of the most innovative spirit of the year 2018 title.

Launched by William Grant & Sons in July 2018, the sweet vermouth is created from cascara, the outer fruit of the coffee berry. Cascara is usually a waste product in coffee production and each year billions of tonnes of it are either sent to landfill or recycled as fertiliser.

Discarded was spearheaded by Joe Petch, global brand ambassador for Monkey Shoulder, and the wider brand ambassador team at William Grant. To make Discarded, cascara is soaked in alcohol then blended into the base of a fortified wine, along with other botanicals. An eco­-friendly philosophy is evident, right through to the brand’s base ingredients.

“There’s so much power in reuse,” said Tom Stannard, brand manager of Discarded. “It’s often an afterthought, but for us it was the core from the infancy of the liquid. When Joe Petch was first experimenting he discovered a unique flavour that could revitalise vermouth. That was the moment of magic because an ingredient traditionally discarded as waste became distinctive in flavour.”

This reusable ethos continues through to the packaging, which the brand recommends you recycle as a bottle vase, candle holder, lamp, tumbler or pre-­mixer, to name just a few suggestions.

Plus, with an abv of 21%, Discarded is sure to appeal to those looking for drinks with lower alcohol strengths, and the growing popularity of apéritifs. “Consumers are becoming more accustomed to more bitter flavour profiles,” added Stannard. “That will continue. We’re really excited about the longer, more refreshing qualities vermouth has to offer. Our version is the D&T – Discarded and tonic. It’s got a fruity, appealing, refreshing taste, ready for long summer nights. That’s what we’re about.”

Discarded has already found favour with leading establishments in London’s on­-trade, including the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy, Duck & Waffle, and Shoreditch and London Grind.

“We want to extend availability more widely in the UK and continue to inspire bartenders to use ingredients creatively, and reuse creatively,” says Stannard. “We’ve only just scratched the surface of what that means and we can do much better, and go much deeper, to inspire and embody that ethos. The platform we’ve created lends itself to explore life beyond vermouth.”

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