James Espey invests in non-alcoholic Slange Var

13th December, 2018 by Melita Kiely

Co-founder of The Last Drop Distillers James Espey OBE has invested in non-alcoholic drinks brand Slange Var, which is set to launch in 2019.


James Espey OBE has invested in non-alcoholic drink brand Slange Var

Founded by Sarah Dougan and Charles Beard in 2016, the Scottish brand is scheduled to release its first bottle run in January, which will comprise 1,000 bottles.


James Espey OBE (centre), co-founder of The Last Drop Distillers

Slange Var has been designed to appeal to millennials who are looking to drink less or abstain from alcohol consumption altogether, and is recommended to be sipped neat, on the rocks, as a base ingredient in a mocktail, or mixed with spirits including rum and gin.

The drink is made from an assortment of ingredients including fresh water from The Trossachs, honey, limes and ginger.

Espey said: “Slange Var has excellent potential in the UK as well as key export markets in India and Asia.

“Slange Car is a non-alcoholic drink that fits a gap in the market for many millennials who are either drinking less or not at all.

“They are looking for more sophisticated alternatives to the traditional non-alcoholic offerings from the drinks industry.”

Non-alcoholic drinks offerings have been growing in popularity over the past year, with numerous products entering the low- and no-abv market.

Earlier this week, Seedlip unveiled a new apéritif brand that is due to launch in 2019 and is thought to be the world’s first non-alcoholic apéritif range.

Last month, a new “smart” mixer launched called Drgn, which targeted health-conscious millennials looking to enjoy alcohol as part of a balanced lifestyle.

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