Cognac Brand Champion 2016

17th June, 2016 by admin

Cognac Brand Champion 2016: Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin is also our Supreme Brand Champion 2016

Rémy Martin is also our Supreme Brand Champion 2016

Also our Supreme Brand Champion 2016, Rémy Martin saw the fastest growth of any million case-selling Cognac brand last year, rebounding from almost consistent declines since 2012, when China’s crackdown on excessive spending hit the entire Cognac category.

The brand has benefited from its new One Life/Live Them global marketing campaign, which put Rémy “back in the game” in terms of marketing, believes Augustin Depardon, executive brand director for Rémy Martin. Star markets for the brand in 2015 included the US, Africa, UK and China, where its Club and VSOP expressions registered “robust” sales.

This table provides a somewhat limited view of the category, since LVMH once again declined to disclose Hennessy’s volume sales.

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BRAND OWNER 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 % +/-
Martell Pernod Ricard 1.86 2.01 1.93 1.93 2.20 13.99%
Rémy Martin Rémy Cointreau 1.86 1.92 1.76 1.65 1.90 15.15%
Courvoisier Beam Suntory 1.30 1.40 1.36 1.35 1.30 -3.70%


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