The world’s 10 best-selling rum brands

15th July, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

4. Havana Club


2013 case sales: 3.8m
2012 case sales: 3.8m
Growth in 2013: 2%

Pernod Ricard’s Havana Club rum continued to experienced success in 2013 with a 2% uplift in sales. Despite missing out on the key US spirits market due to sanctions over trade with Cuba, Havana Club remains one of the most well-known rum brands in the world. The brand experienced a blow in 2012 when a long-running trade mark battle with Bacardi over its own Havana Club rum title –  a US-based rum brand produced in Puerto Rico – came to a head and the US government refused to let Pernod Ricard’s Havana Club renew its trademark in the country.

5 Responses to “The world’s 10 best-selling rum brands”

  1. onrip1 says:

    I think worlds best selling rum is OLD Monk Rum from India

  2. mena says:

    bacardi, best white rum ever,good for most cocktails and mix

  3. Lokin says:

    I think mc dowell rum
    Old monk

  4. Tomas says:

    Ron ABuelo from Panama best Rum, good q good p good taste

  5. Gayle paul says:

    What happened to tenns brand of rum

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