The world’s 10 best-selling Cognac and brandy brands

10th July, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Cognac producers continued to experience disappointment in 2013, while a number of brandy brands progressed full steam ahead in the emerging markets.


Click through the following pages to discover the world’s 10 best-selling Cognac and brandy brands

China’s widely reported clampdown on conspicuous spending among government and military officials greatly impacted the high-end Cognac market in 2013, with all but one of the top four brands reporting volume declines, and Courvoisier was even dropped off the top 10 best-selling Cognac and brandy brands list.

As France’s staple spirit suffered, its mainstream international counterpart, brandy, demonstrated a much more varied picture. While some brands experienced substantial declines in the year, success was also widespread as some labels retained their dominance in local emerging markets.

A large collection of Indian brands predictably make up this list, reporting huge volumes in the face of sporadic declines – thought by many to be the result of a growing favour for international brands.

Based on figures outlined in The Spirits Business Brands Champions 2014 – where the exceptional category performers are picked out from among the million case selling brands – we identify which are the most popular Cognac and brandy brands.

Click through the following pages to discover the world’s best-selling Cognac and brandy brands. 

5 Responses to “The world’s 10 best-selling Cognac and brandy brands”

  1. remy martin fine champagne cognac says:

    pls send the price list of this brand

  2. Mc Dowells Brandy says:

    Full 750ml Rs.195/- at Pondicherry (~$3.3)

  3. B Naylor says:

    Not a Cognac Moyet in sight

  4. Miguel Casellas says:

    Although not a brandy or cognac, Rum Don Q Gran Añejo is up there with the best. Aged 6-10 years is quite impressive. TRY IT! Very good comparing with Cardenal Mendoza and others.

  5. Hollis Jenkins says:

    Felipe II is a sleeper. Just like most of the brands from Jerez

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