Top 10 spirit launches in May

10th June, 2013 by Chloe Ware

Paul John Brilliance and Paul John Edited

Paul-John top May spirit launches

Brilliance and Edited are the names of two single malt whiskies from India’s John Distilleries, which has chosen the UK as its launch country in a bid to introduce western consumers to Indian whisky.

Paul John Brilliance is a non-peated single malt using barley grown in the north of India and aged in ex-bourbon barrels for a light, fruity taste.

Paul John Edited however, is a whisky made using 15% Islay-sourced peated barley, which gives it rich chocolate and vanilla notes.

The whiskies are aged at its coastal distillery in Goa where, due to the annual evaporation rate of 13%, the whiskies are no older that four or five years.

Read more about Paul John’s move on the Western world.

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