Plans for ‘highest’ distillery in British Isles

11th January, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Plans to build what is thought to be the highest distillery in the British Isles have taken a step forward with the submission of a planning application to Dartmoor National Park.


A drawing of the proposed distillery in Princetown

Princetown Distillers Ltd has tabled proposals to build a £4 million whisky distillery, visitor centre and “small-scale” spirits store in the village of Princetown in Dartmoor, Devon.

It will produce “Scotch-style” whisky and use Dartmoor water to make the spirit. Once established, the malt would come from barley grown on the moor.

At 1,400 feet above sea level it would be the highest distillery in the UK, which Princetown said makes it ideal for the production and maturation of whisky.

“The elevation of the town gives the landscape a similar character to that of upland Scotland,” the application states.

“A distillery placed here will be even higher than Scottish distillers. It will be the highest in the British Isles at circa 1,400ft elevation. The next highest is Dalwhinnie Distillery, which is located at 11,080ft.

“There is ample rainfall to supply water to the distillery. Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky. The elevation gives a reduced temperature which slows the maturation of the spirit, improving its character.”

A decision on the proposals is expected to made by 14 March 2017.

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