Comedian Andy Daly holds Laphroaig Filibuster

28th October, 2016 by Annie Hayes

With the US presidential election rousing heated debate across the world, Laphroaig has elected comedian Andy Daly to host a filibuster as part of its ongoing #OpinionsWelcome campaign.


Watch Andy Daly combine thousands of real opinions from Laphroaig consumers

During the three-and-a-half-hour long “speech” – shot in a single take – Andy Daly, of American comedy series Review, combines thousands of real opinions from consumers shared as part of Laphroaig’s #OpinionsWelcome campaign.

Over the last three years, the brand has asked the public to state their opinion on the Scotch whisky brand, complimentary or otherwise – and now it is “time for their voices to be heard”.

Watch below as Daly debates whether Laphroaig tastes more like “a bowl of vanilla ice cream from inside a forest fire” or “a moldy rock you licked from the fireplace” – and see if you can pick out various nods to (in)famous moments in American filibuster history, from Huey Long to Wendy Davis.

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