Buffalo Trace plans single estate Bourbon brand

1st May, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Buffalo Trace has revealed its intention to launch a “stand alone” brand of single estate Bourbon after acquiring an additional 49 acres of land next to its Kentucky distillery.

Buffalo Trace will launch a "stand alone" single estate Bourbon brand made using rye, corn and barley grown on its newly acquired land

Buffalo Trace will launch a “stand alone” single estate Bourbon brand made using rye, corn and barley grown on its newly acquired land

The plot is in addition to the 233 acres of land purchased by the group in November last year and will be used to plant corn, rye and barley malt on-site.

The distillery plans to use the new acreage, purchased for an undisclosed sum, to create “farm to bottle” single estate Bourbon.

Single estate spirits refer to brands which can pinpoint the majority of their productions processes, if not all, to one single area of land, owned by one particular company.

Set to be launched as a “separate, stand-alone” Bourbon with its own brand identity, the name, age and price of the spirit have yet to be determined.

“These recent land purchases hold a lot of potential for us,” said Buffalo Trace master distiller Harlen Wheatley. “We are very excited to begin our farm-to-table venture and see what the future has in store.”

In total, Buffalo Trace Distillery owns 439 acres of land.

The single estate spirits trend has been gaining traction around the globe in recent years, growing in line with demand for “craft” products, as this list of the top 10 farm to bottle spirits shows.

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