Scotch drinkers revealed as stingiest tippers

10th January, 2013 by Becky Paskin

Scotch drinkers are the stingiest tippers, a US survey has found, while bourbon drinkers are the most generous.

Scotch whisky tips

Scotch drinkers tip an average of 20% in the US

A study of more than four million guest checks at nightclubs, hotel bars and restaurants across the US has revealed how much Americans tip when they go out to drink.

Patrons drinking spirits-only were found to be more generous than wine or beer drinkers, giving a higher percentage of their total bill to their server.

Those sipping on bourbon gave the highest tips, a whopping 22.69% of their bill, with drinkers of blended whiskey (22.67%), cider (22.2%), gin (21.6%) and vodka (21.2%) close behind. Drinkers of liqueurs (19.6%) and rum (19.8%) were found to tip the lowest percentage of their bill.

However Scotch drinkers, who had the highest average bill totals of any other patron at US$69.14, gave a relatively low tip of just 20.1%.

The ‘Hey Big Spender’ survey, conducted by US insight analyst Restaurant Sciences, was conducted between February and November 2012, and studied checks with only beer, wine or spirit orders. Checks with multiple types of drinks were not included in the study.

Drinkers of wine-only spent the most money at US$69.05 while beer drinkers spent an average of US$38.74. Spirits drinkers spent an average of US$55.19.


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