Long Pond Distillery fire destroys 65,000 litres of rum

A fire has destroyed approximately 65,000 litres of fresh rum stocks at Jamaica's Long Pond Distillery, which is co-owned by Maison Ferrand

The Whisky Show branches out into rum

As it prepares to celebrate its 10th year, The Whisky Exchange’s Whisky Show has revealed plans to introduce a new category to the annual event – rum

Bacardi aims to eliminate 1bn plastic straws by 2020

Bacardi has teamed up with environmental charity Lonely Whale to clamp down on single-use plastic and eradicate one billion plastic straws by 2020

Malibu launches ‘huge scale-up’ for NFC bottles

Pernod Ricard has created an additional 300,000 Malibu ‘smart bottles’, which will launch across Europe as part of the brand’s Because Summer campaign

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