Top 10 spirits launches in March 2021

7th April, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Spirited Euphoria

Last month, lawyer and Formula E executive Alexander Jakobi and racing driver Jean-Éric Vergne formed the Endorphin Dealer Institute (Edi), which seeks to pioneer non-alcoholic, distilled, endorphin-led ‘spirits’.

The company’s debut product is alcohol-free Spirited Euphoria, which is made from the ‘real’ hemp plant (cannabis sativa) and a ‘complex blend of high-quality, natural, active and uplifting ingredients’.

Spirited Euphoria is said to give a ‘feel-good’ sensation to those who drink it, which builds over a period of time.

Edi will expand the range this summer with a second variant, followed by a third in 2022.

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