Top 10 award-winning rums

9th March, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Havana Club Maximo Extra Añejo

Price: £1,235 (US$1,715)

Havana Club Maximo Extra Añejo grabbed a Master in the Gold Rum – Ultra Premium round. It was described as “beautifully complex like a long aged brandy or Cognac”, with notes of “mahogany, polished leather, dry with wood spices”.

“This shows that aged properly, rum can be kick‐ass,” added one judge. “Rum can be as good as whisky or Cognac and other aged brown spirits; it’s fabulous.”

After a retaste of all the Master medallists at the end of the competition, Havana Club Maximo Extra Añejo was given the top title of Taste Master.

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