Sustainable spirits changing the world

12th February, 2020 by Nicola Carruthers

Sustainability is more than just a trend with producers upping their game when it comes to their environmental footprint. We look at the spirits brands that have placed a greater emphasis on going green.

These spirits brands are making conscious efforts to be sustainable

Major drinks groups such as Diageo, Bacardi and Pernod Ricard are working towards their sustainability goals by exploring how to make their supply chains more eco-friendly.

Last month, a report from Bacardi said “purpose-driven” spirits have come to the fore as brands make “long-term commitments” to support important issues. The report also said “sustainability is at the forefront of every consumer’s mind” and that the industry has “barely scratched the surface of this movement”.

Smaller players are also taking great strides to introduce products that make use of ingredients that would go to waste including banana peel, table grapes and unsold baked goods.

Meanwhile, a number of spirits brands have also gained Fairtrade certification, such as Fair and Flor de Caña rum.

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