Distillers shaping European whisky

27th February, 2020 by Nicola Carruthers

European distillers are becoming a force in whisky production. From the Nordics to Germany and Italy, SB speaks to the producers making distinct expressions that are full of the terroirs of their home.

Denmark’s Stauning Distillery

There’s a new generation of pioneering distillers determined to put their stamp on the whisky world. While Scottish, Irish and American producers have led whisky’s growth globally, new‐world producers are also creating a buzz with innovative and captivating offerings.

Drinkers are being tempted away from their traditional drams for bottlings from other parts of Europe, notably, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany and other locations that are relatively new to the whisky world. “People want to see new stuff and try everything. There is interest in finding new territories and new flavours, like in food,” says Alex Munch, co‐founder of Denmark’s Stauning Distillery.

Across mainland Europe and the Nordics, hundreds of distilleries are making whisky, with many producers investing in large expansion plans, unveiling unusual barrel finishes and strengthening their brand identities with provenance cues.

As the Scotch whisky category relaxes its regulations on cask types for maturation, it seems that now is as crucial a time as ever for the European whisky contingent to make a name for itself as a sector that can produce game‐changing expressions.

Click through the following pages for an exploration of three up-and-coming European whisky regions.

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