South Lodge becomes ‘UK’s first hotel’ with batched cocktail menu

7th May, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

South Lodge Hotel in Sussex has partnered with World of Zing to become the “first UK hotel” to implement pre-batched cocktails into its main bar menu.

World of Zing has created seven pre-batched cocktails for the South Lodge Hotel

South Lodge Hotel and bottled cocktail specialist World of Zing have developed seven batched cocktails that will form the core of the hotel’s updated drinks offering.

The menu of “twisted classics and locally-inspired cocktails” includes the Tennyson’s Thunder, which is made with Talisker Storm, Blackdown’s Black Cherry Liqueur, dandelion and burdock, rose, jasmine, green tea, cinnamon and ginger.

David Connell, general manager at South Lodge Hotel, said: “We have partnered with World of Zing to create a small range of bespoke pre-batched cocktails, bringing fantastic quality drinks to a wider audience.

“In an age where time is precious for both the bartender and the consumer, we are able to serve high-quality cocktails in a fraction of the time it takes to build them from scratch. With a brand new restaurant concept and offering at our new spa, this felt like the perfect opportunity to work with World of Zing and we are delighted with the results.”

Drinks on the hotel’s bottled cocktail menu also include the Dried White Lime & Seaweed Margarita, made with Don Julio Tequila, agave syrup, lime acid and seaweed tincture; and the Rosemary & Olive Spritz, which contains Tanqueray Gin, olive brine infusion, rosemary tincture, Zing Aromatic Botanical Tincture and Prosecco.

Pritesh Mody, founder of World of Zing, said: “With the only facility in Europe that can pre-batch cocktails with the same care and complexity found in the best bars, we are hugely proud that South Lodge Hotel has given us the opportunity to support their already venerable beverage offering.

“With the greatest will in the world, it’s not realistic to have the same bar team operating all hours of the day. However, our cocktail programme allows South Lodge to serve up the same exceptional cocktails across their property all hours of the day – whether in the spa at 1pm, the restaurant at 10pm or at wedding with 100 thirsty guests.”

World of Zing previously created bottled cocktails for hotel minibars, including at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel and The Langham hotel in London.

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