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1st March, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

Method and Madness launch

Pernod Ricard-owned Irish Distillers launched the newest spirit to join its Method and Madness range at an event in Cork this week.

Method and Madness Irish Micro Distilled Gin was debuted at the brand’s home in Ireland in a ceremony that also saw the unveiling of ‘Mickey’s Belly’, Ireland’s oldest gin still, which was first commissioned in 1958 at the microdistillery in Midleton.

Led by master distiller Brian Nation and apprentice distiller Henry Donnelly, the gin is a “reimagining” of Irish Distillers’ pot still Cork Crimson Gin in 2005, which was based on recipes, botanicals and methods found in a notebook from the 1790s, written by a rectifier in Cork, called William Coldwell.

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