Our/Vodka closes Detroit distillery after four years

9th January, 2019 by Melita Kiely

Pernod Ricard-owned Our/Vodka distillery Our/Detroit has made the “tough decision” to permanently close four years after it first opened, the company’s CEO has confirmed.


Our/Detroit vodka distillery has closed permanently

Our/Detroit launched in June 2014 in partnership with local community organisations, which planned to host events at the distillery.

The first Our/Vodka launched in Berlin in partnership with a local distiller in March 2013.

The concept sees Pernod’s Absolut Company arm team up with urban microdistilleries in cities around the world to create a variety of vodkas designed to communicate each location’s personality.

Our/Detroit was the first location to open after Berlin, and has most recently expanded to New York with the opening of Our/New York last summer – the first legal distillery in Manhattan in nearly 100 years.

However, Detroit was not the first Our/Vodka site to close. In October 2016, the Our/Seattle distillery closed for good due to a “crowded marketplace” and a change in regulations.

David Mizrahi, CEO and global brand director of Our/Vodka, said: “From the beginning Our/Vodka has been an entrepreneurial venture. Founded by entrepreneurs, led by entrepreneurs, we set out to create distilleries in several major cities around the world.

“We started Our/Detroit with an open mind and during the four years we were in business, we were passionate about lifting the Detroit story to the world.

“Unfortunately, in 2018 we had to make the tough decision to discontinue the project by the end of that year. From our perspective, Our/Detroit has been a successful endeavour; we’ve learned so much and gotten to love the city and its people.

“We are proud that Detroit will always be part of our story and we are forever grateful to those who have provided passion and guidance for this project.

“With the same entrepreneurial spirit and love to the communities we are a part of, we continue in Our/London, Our/Berlin, Our/Los Angeles and Our/New York, the first distillery in Manhattan since Prohibition, recently opened in the summer of 2018.”

In October last year, Our/Los Angeles created a podcast that features interviews with Los Angeles influencers.

In October 2017, Our/Vodka launched an eight-part documentary series that focused on its various sites around the world, including Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Miami.

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  1. Kent Rabish says:

    This was not a distillery and did not produce any product in Detroit. They bought alcohol distilled by someone else and just bottled it in Detroit. Nothing local about it other than the name.
    Customers need to understand that in the craft distilling business there is more crafty than craft most of the time. If your bottle does not say Distilled and Bottled by the company on the label they are a bottling company, not a distillery. Many will say Manufactured and Bottled by or Produced and Bottled by. These are merchant distilleries not craft distilleries and just bottle alcohol someone else made (one of the large industrial distilleries) and are trying to pass of as their product.

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