Unmissable events at Tales of the Cocktail 2018

10th July, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Wednesday 18 July

The Jamaican Difference: Bring in the Rum, Bring in the Funk


Queen Anne Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone

Famed New York bartender Don Lee will moderate this seminar, which asks: what makes Jamaican rum different? Featuring a scientific “search for funk” carried out by Arielle Johnson of MIT Media Lab, the seminar will discuss flavour, aroma and the geographical identification status of Jamaican rums.


Cork to Kirkwall: The Whisky Way


Vieux Carre, Hotel Monteleone

The brains behind this talk have endeavoured to visit every whisky distillery in search of the perfect dram. Hosted by whisky writer Charles Maclean, Irish whiskey expert Oisin Davis, Cocktail Lovers co­founder Sandrae Lawrence and ‘whisky journeyman’ Vaughan Yates, this seminar will include the opportunity to sample a number of distillery­-exclusive bottlings.


Sensory Lab, presented by Bacardi USA


Royal A&B, Hotel Monteleone

This tasting room experience will give visitors the chance to experience the multi-sensory nature of cocktails. Working with a team of beverage scientists, three multi-sensory experiments will challenge your taste buds and unlock new techniques for creating immersive cocktails. Visitors will discover how sight, smell and sound can enhance flavour.


Future Forward Drinking


Queen Anne Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone

This session, hosted by Bombay Sapphire brand ambassador Raj Nagra, will explore the future of bars, drinking and cocktail culture. With innovation now shaping much of our world, the event aims to highlight how tech can increase creativity in the hospitality sector and enhance customer engagement.


A Few Good Drinks: A Look at Cocktails in the Military


Vieux Carre, Hotel Monteleone

Cocktail historian Philip Greene leads this talk into the long history of cocktails in the military. The session will look at everything from a soldier’s favourite tipple to cocktails named in honour of different weapons. Greene will discuss everything from Navy Grog to the French 75, named in honour of a 19th­-century field gun.


Green Dot: Bystander Training for Bartenders


Iberville B, Hotel Monteleone

This complimentary workshop explains the Green Dot Strategy – a comprehensive approach to violence prevention. The model targets all members of the community as potential allies and seeks to engage them in prevention. Through awareness and education, participants will be able to learn proactive behaviours that help to establish intolerance towards violence. A ‘green dot’ is any action, word or attitude that offsets a ‘red dot’ of violence, and in doing so reduces the likelihood that someone will be hurt.


Free Your Mind, and the Bar Will Follow


Queen Anne Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone

Bacardi brand ambassador Jaymee Mandeville will lead this afternoon session that hopes to uncover every bartender’s inner artist. With the aim of highlighting the skills found in every sector of the hospitality industry, the talk invites bar owners, bartenders and bar backs to come together and challenge their perceptions and imaginations in search of building a better bar experience.

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