‘Jägerettes’ and ‘Jägerdudes’ return to UK

18th July, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

Jägermeister is bringing back its ‘Jägerettes’ and ‘Jägerdudes’ floor staff that spurred the success of the brand from the 1980s to the noughties.

Jägerettes and Jägerdudes will return to the UK bar scene

The brand hired its first Jägerettes in the 1980s, and there were 900 in action by 2005, as well as 300 Jägerdudes.

The floor staff will return to the UK bar scene wearing black and gold uniforms “in line with the new brand look”.

Jägerettes and Jägerdudes will offer ice-cold shots of Jägermeister at more than 800 events between 1 May and the end of the year, including Freshers’ Week and Halloween.

“Jägermeister has developed a strong presence in the on-trade and this is in part thanks to the heritage of its Jägerettes floor selling programme,” said Jonathan Dennys, customer marketing and insights controller at Jägermeister.

“With a calendar packed with major sporting events, this summer is the perfect opportunity to have the Jägermeister ambassadors on the ground and supporting key venues.”

The Jägerettes and Jägerdudes will aim to enhance Jägermeister’s summer marketing activity – including the launch of six limited edition bottle designs celebrating the World Cup.

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