Dave Broom launches crowdfunding bid for whisky film

22nd March, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Whisky writer Dave Broom is seeking to raise £40,000 (US$56k) through a crowdfunding campaign to film a new documentary on whisky and Scottish culture.

Dave Broom will star in the new whisky documentary The Amber Light

Dave Broom will star in the new whisky documentary The Amber Light

The money will cover a “substantial” part of the cost of filming the road-trip documentary, called The Amber Light.

Glasgow-born Broom – in collaboration with online food and drink magazine The Gannet and London-based video agency blueprint.tv – is aiming to raise the money through Kickstarter by 7 April.

The documentary, starring Broom, will highlight the lesser-known parts of Scottish culture and history “through the lens of whisky”, with personalities from the art, music, literature and food worlds.

Broom will travel across Scotland to speak to innovators and thinkers in the whisky industry, including farmers, distillers, bar owners and historians.

Among the film’s contributors will be Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin, who will talk about the “darkness in the Scottish soul”.

The film will explore the unsung role of women in distilling and blending over the centuries, the influence of alchemists, medicine men and botanists, and the evolution of spirits from medicine to social lubricants.

The documentary will also look at the temperance movement, smugglers, Dante’s inferno, and the use of unexpected ingredients in whisky’s development, such as saffron.

Broom said: “There’ll be contradictory opinions – so we will be talking about whisky’s dark side as well as whisky’s light side; talking about the completely forgotten role that women have always played in distillation and whisky-making as well, so we’ll be trying to redress some of the balances and some of the misconceptions as well that I think have sprung up around whisky – it’s not all about tartan and shortbread.”

So far over 50 backers have pledged more than £17,000 on Kickstarter.

Filming will take place over the summer with screenings of the documentary in November and the premiere expected in January 2019.

Check out the teaser trailer below. 

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