Top 50 innovative spirits launches of 2017: 50-41

17th January, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Terroir-boasting vodka, barrel-aged absinthe, and the world’s most heavily peated whisky all feature in the first instalment of our top 50 most innovative spirits launches of last year.

2017 saw a number of innovative releases in the spirits industry

A swathe of pioneering new products broke onto the spirits scene in 2017. From barrel experimentation and unique flavour infusions to fresh marketing approaches, distillers showed no fear with their levels of boundary-breaking creativity.

Last year, producers demonstrated their abilities to innovate in different capacities while maintaining the quality, integrity and ingenuity of their products – at the same time tapping into the latest demands from today’s discerning consumers.

Click through the following pages to see the first part of our top 50 innovative spirits launches of 2017, counting down from 50 to 41.

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