The top eight best-selling liqueur brands

11th July, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

1. Baileys

2016: 6.40m

2015: 6.30m
% change: 1.59%
Place last year: 1

Last year’s Liqueurs Brand Champion, Baileys has maintained its top spot as the world’s best-selling liqueur brand. The Diageo-owned Irish cream brand’s continued success could be attributed to new global campaign, ‘Don’t Mind If I Baileys’, released last year to highlight the brand’s “versatility”. Baileys also entered the ready-to-drink category with the launch of a iced coffee duo to tap into consumer demand for the fast-growing drink category in the off-trade. Earlier this year, DIageo re-released its dairy-free, gluten-free variant Baileys Almande to grant it “certified vegan” status in the US, to meet growing demand from the vegan community. We expect to see the brand continue to up its marketing activities in the near future.

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