Top 10 unusual Scotch whisky reviews

19th April, 2017 by Annie Hayes

From “beloved wet dogs” to “the nasal equivalent of a horrible traffic accident”, Scotch whisky reviewers are experts in capturing curious flavour notes – SB scours the internet for some of the most entertaining excerpts.

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Whether you’re nodding in agreement or beside yourself with incredulous rage, everyone is entitled to their opinion – and the internet is the ultimate platform to air an opinion.

The most prominent spirits reviews more often than not bear the most outlandish statements, which serve to prompt debate, stir up emotion, ignite a discussion or even spark a laugh or two,.

With this in mind, The Spirits Business has undertaken a lighthearted mission to discover a selection of the most humorous, noteworthy, and downright unusual Scotch whisky reviews on forums, blogs and retailers’ websites – we hope you find them as amusing as we did.

Click through the following pages to discover our pick of unusual Scotch whisky web reviews.

While many of the statements that follow are entertaining, they do not represent the views of The Spirits Business.

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