Gŏng launches Director’s Cut menu

27th April, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

The Shangri-La Hotel’s Gŏng bar, located 52 floors above ground level at London’s The Shard, has unveiled a new cocktail menu inspired by world-famous film directors and their “passion for storytelling”.

The Star Wars-inspired Feel the Force features on Gŏng’s new cocktail menu

Director’s Cut features a total of 16 cocktails and four mocktails, which span five categories – Adventure/Fantasy; Romantic/Sci-Fi; Thriller/Drama; Crime/Action and Animation/Superhero.

Adventure/Fantasy features “light and refreshing” cocktails, whereas Romantic/Sci-Fi explores drinks with “fruity notes, flora and spices”.

While the Thriller/Drama section is described as “sweet meets sour”, and creations are “punchy and full of character” in Crime/Action.

The list closes with Animation/Superhero, which features “herbal and earthy” non-alcoholic flavours.

Head bartender Christian Maspes and his bar team spent 12 months developing the menu, with each cocktail created by an individual member of the team.

Each cocktail has its own unique method of invention; from the brewing of pineapple and coriander with cold coffee, to infusing a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with pine needles and honey.

The menu features homemade infusions with rare ingredients such as red rice wine, carbonated olives and chai tea foam and unusual spirits including Gagliardo, Glacial Pastis and Root Herb Spirit.

“We are thrilled to be sharing these adventurous, unique drinks with our guests,” said Maspes. “The cocktails have been inspired by different film directors who are globally recognised masters of their craft. Just as a great film is a harmony of cinematography, sound and great acting, the same can be said for a truly fantastic cocktail through its blend of ingredients, technical skill and the atmosphere it creates.”

Click through the following pages to see a selection of cocktails featured on Gŏng’s new Director’s Cut menu.

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