Top 10 Scottish spirits that aren’t Scotch

23rd January, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

Ogilvy Vodka

Another Scottish potato spirit proponent, Ogilvy sources its key ingredient from a location “just a short tractor ride way” from its distillery. The brand was founded in 2015 by Graeme Jarron and his wife Caroline, who worked with Abhishek Banik, distiller and technical production manager of Heriot-Watt University (HWU) over the course of two years. Maris Piper potatoes grown on the farm are used to make the spirit, which is distilled in column pot still and matured for a week before being charcoal-filtered at a drip speed. In September last year, Ogilvy launched a line of bottled vodka-based cocktail mixers, made from fresh juices and herbs.

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