Top 10 Scottish spirits that aren’t Scotch

23rd January, 2017 by Amy Hopkins


Probably one of the most iconic Scottish spirits that isn’t a Scotch, Drambuie is a Scotch whisky-based liqueur that also contains Scottish heather honey and a recipe of spices. The brand’s roots date back more than 250 years when John MacKinnon helped Prince Charles Edward Stuart (also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie) escape the king’s men after his defeat at the Battle of Culloden. As a reward, the prince gave MacKinnon the secret recipe to his whisky liqueur, which would later become known as Drambuie. In subsequent years, the brand passed through different ownership, but returned to the MacKinnon family for 100 years until its acquisition by Scotland’s William Grant & Sons in 2014. The company unveiled a new look for Drambuie in September last year.

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