Top cocktail trends for 2017 and beyond

29th September, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

Emotional serves


As consumers become ever more brand-promiscuous, yet at the same time increasingly place importance on experiences, the emotional economy will come to the fore.

Consumers will look for emotional simulation, and bars are using everything from colour to clever ingredients selection, to tap into all things sensorial and emotive.

Take Seymour’s Parlour in London: the team is using scents such as cut grass and smoked pine to tap into pleasurable and nostalgic memories, says the report. Expect the mood dining, such as the Serotonin eatery in Melbourne, to expand into bars as well.

To tap into the trend, bars can use sights and smell to direct drinkers’ emotions, while harnessing tech and ingredients can help directly affect people’s moods. And don’t forget to ensure the cocktail menu is ordered according to emotional response.

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