Top 10 bartender-created spirits brands

27th April, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Domus Grappa

Domus-GrappaLast August, London-based bartender Massimiliano Favaretto, manager of Pacifico Group unveiled his Domus Grappa, which has been designed to “change consumers’ approach” to the category. A traditionally made grappa from the North West of Italy, the brand was created in collaboration with master distiller Roberto Dellavalle and went on sale at a number of London bars and restaurants, including El Nivel, La Perla, Cafe Pacifico and Balthazar London. Made from single varietal grapes distilled by local Italian distilleries, the grappa is said to be a “true and faithful representation of a certain Italian area, its traditions, grape and terroir”.

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  1. Stephen says:

    No 86 Co.? I’d have thought they were one of the highest profile bartender-created brands.

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