Top 10 bartender-created spirits brands

27th April, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Aviation Gin

Aviation-GinAviation Gin was one of the first products to kickstart the modern ‘by bartenders, for bartenders’ movement. The brand’s origins date back to 2005 at a tiki party on West Seattle when bartender Ryan Magarin became besotted with a product created by Portland’s House Spirits Distillery. He then sought out the distillery and struck up a partnership that led to the creation of batch distilled Aviation Gin in 2006, marking what many believe to be the first brand collaboration between bartender and distiller in the US. Aviation is described as a “shift away” from traditional juniper-led gins, instead offering a “more forward balance of botanicals”.

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  1. Stephen says:

    No 86 Co.? I’d have thought they were one of the highest profile bartender-created brands.

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