Top 10 historical spirits discoveries

16th September, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Nineteenth century buried whisky

18th-century-whiskyUnearthed by construction workers who were replacing the Ruthven Road Bridge near Kingussie in the Cairngorms, Scotland, this bottle of Scotch whisky is believed to date back to the 1890s. The bottle was buried in the bridge over the River Spey among the contents of a time capsule, which also contained a newspaper dating back to 1894, and has now been donated to the Highland Folk Museum.

“It is fascinating to think these items have been sitting in the bridge’s structure for 121 years,” Robert Ogg, of Morgan Sindall, the construction company which discovered the capsule, told the BBC. “The changes which have occurred since it was placed there are extraordinary. If you think that the bridge was being used by horses back then, it gives you a sense of the time which has passed.”

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  1. Dave Gunns says:

    Shackleton’s whisky????

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