Top 50 most innovative spirits launches of 2014: 10-1

23rd January, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

8. Grey Goose VX

Grey-Goose-VXShowing a bid by an established international brand to step into the innovative hybrid spirits category, Bacardi launched Grey Goose VX – a blend of vodka and Cognac – in July.

Described as an ultra-premium vodka containing drops of fine Cognac, Grey Goose VX was also one of the first hybrid spirits launched in the luxury segment of the spirits market.

Priced at £89, the spirit contains Cognac created from grapes from the Grande Champagne cru and was described by Bacardi as “truly disruptive” to the mainstream vodka category.

Grey Goose VX is packaged in an XO-style Cognac bottle and is described as having notes of white fruit blossom, honeysuckle and violets.

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